Floater Picture Frame / Matte Black, H2" for 1.5" Canvas : Floating Display, DIY - Custom Sizes

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This Floater Picture Frame is optimized for floating effects on the wrapped canvas or other artistic fabrics, so that you can easily see the edges of the picture on the side. The old technique of attaching a black tape to the edge is no longer necessary nor desired. This frame is also used for framing professional oil paintings as well as printed photographs for galleries and other professionals.

Our Floater Picture Frame is an excellent product with an artistic sense that includes the feel of the texture of the kiln-dried wooden moulding finished with high quality stains. Through processing directly from our factory and supplying directly to the customer, the dimensions, whether custom or standard, and finishing are very exact.

Dimensions, Colours, Length & Custom Sizes - Dimensions: 2.0" in height and 1.5(1-1/4)" in width. - Colours: 3 Colours are Available (matte black, dark brown, and white). - Lengths: 5" to 72", 10cm to 150cm (metric) plus special custom sizes. - Custom Sizes: we can do any custom sizes as required within those total lengths, in metric or standard.

Please note that this is the appropriate size of floater frame to utilize if the finished canvas is 1.5(1-1/2)" in height. This is consistent with a gallery-style stretcher. Please note that the actual size of the frame is produced 1/8" larger than the dimensions ordered to give you more space when inserting the canvas.

Special Note: These frames are not designed for the use of a glass or plexiglass front cover and as such, none is provided however, the hardware for wall mounting is included.

Custom Orders: ideal when ordering multiple pairs of varying sizes, making delivery more efficient and cost effective. Please send a specific request via Amazon’s messaging system.